Did you know that every year there are a few key weeks/weekends where inventory is low, buyers are active, and houses sell for a premium compared to other weeks? 


Wouldn't you imagine that someone who is looking to sell their house would want to position themselves to sell their home for premium dollar at the perfect time?


What if I told you that the history repeats itself and that the market shows time and time again what time is the best time to sell?


Well we have done the research and we are happy to share! 


Below is a list of the top 5 weeks/weekends to sell your home in Clark County WA for the most amount of money in the year of 2019! We have compiled this information based on previous years data that indicates that in these prime weeks/weekends there are more buyers than sellers at an UNFAIR advantage to the seller. 



1. The week of February 22nd. This is a hidden charm, hence, why I put it at the top of our list. February 22nd is an amazing time of year for people looking to sell their home. Buyer's across the nation and specifically in Clark County, WA are getting ready to hit their new year goals and are excited to buy a home! Meanwhile, sellers are behind the gun and needing to prepare their home for the market! I mean, after all it takes 3X the effort to prepare your house than it does to get approved for a loan! This is the time of the year where buyers are gunning for a home and sellers are not meeting their expectations. To get a house on the market at this time, you have very little competition to be worried about! 


2. The week of April 23rd. Historically this week is known to have a good average sales price as well as a low inventory that contributes to getting a higher price with less competition. The average days on market in this range tends to be lower as well compared to other weeks in the year. 


3. The week of May 7th. This week is a great follow-up week if you missed April. The trend follows where prices are steady and inventory is low. A lot of buyers are in the market to look for a home as rentals and leases tend to expire in waves around this time of year. 


4. The week of June 6th. This is a really good week if you are looking to sell your house as super sonic speed! In June there is more inventory to look at so your sales price may be effected depending on your local area although this is one of those weeks where houses fly off the market very fast.


5. The week of July 22nd. At this point in the market, the inventory has picked up. More and more houses are on the market due to over pricing earlier in the summer or not being in the greatest condition. At this point the good homes are selling faster than most times in the year and they are selling at premium dollar due to buyers getting anxious of the winter months coming along with some buyers getting tired of searching. 


6. The week of August 20th. August is the month where sellers tend to get the most money for their homes. Although this particular week shows time and time again to be the best week! As you approach the end of August, buyers are getting nervous of missing out and are looking for their home to settle into before the school year. While this may sound fabulous, be sure to price your home accordingly or you will end up on the market in some of the worst months for the year. 


Disclosure!!! - While these dates and times are backed up by years of statistical research. Your market and your neighborhood may be subject to its own personal trends. Cascade park will naturally sell more frequently than a home in Rose village. In order to understand what time of year is best for you to get the most money and fastest sale, you should consult with our listing specialist for a customized market overview. You can sign up for your free consultation here --> Schedule now!


So how did we compile this information and why are these the most premium times to sell your home?


These are based on Market Reports that we get access to on a weekly basis. These numbers indicate that all 3 things align on these weeks/weekends that lead to maximum profit to sellers. 


1. Low inventory - When the inventory is low in your area, it gives buyers less options to choose from. Most of my clients come to me and express frustration towards not being able to find the home they want. For buyers who are seriously looking, this gives them no other option but to settle for something that may not be exactly what they want. The more a buyer is willing to settle, the better your house(no matter the condition or layout) will look to them. Resulting in a higher priced offer.


2. Low Days on Market - Seller your house is no easy task. Constant showings, realtors calling to see your home at weird hours, low ball offers and having to get the kids and dogs ready to leave during prime family time. We understand it isn't easy and want to make sure you are selling at a time that not only maximizes the amount of money you get, but also helps make your family life a little bit easier. The quicker we sell the house, the easier for you! P.S. - If this is your biggest concern, set up a time to meet with our specialist to find out why winter is the easiest time of year to sell!


3. High buyer to seller ratio - Real estate is a supply and demand game. When inventory is high, prices go down(buyers market). When inventory is low, prices go up(sellers market). Wouldn't you rather sell in a sellers market compared to a buyers market if your goal was to maximize your profits....? ME TOO! So strategically positioning yourself at a time when there are more buyers than sellers is the way to go!



Now you are the expert on knowing when to sell your house! Now, how do you do it? As mentioned earlier, you will need to align yourself with a specialist who knows your particular market. We want to show you how well we know your market. If you signed up with us via Facebook or on our website you will start to see specialized neighborhood reports on what your neighbors are doing. New homes on market, new Pending sales, and recently closed houses. We are following your neighborhood and want you to know what is going on. After seeing these for awhile, set up a time for us to come out and take a look at the property so we can help make your dreams come true and ultimately... Create Wealth Through Real Estate!